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How Does Aurora Braid Work?

Aurora Braid's patent pending reflective technology brightly reflects light from any headlamp directly back to the eye of the fisherman, allowing you to see your line at night like never before. Aurora Braid will dramatically improve all of your night casting, trolling, or rigging applications, yet is not reflective below water so you don't need to worry about spooking fish. Aurora Braid was born from pitching jigs and plastic at night to big Mississippi Pool 4 walleye but it can do so much more. Aurora braid is no stretch but due to the reflective element has the diameter of mono of the same pound breaking strength. The Palomar Knot works best to hooks while the Alberto Knot is best for braid to flourocarbon leader connections. Although Aurora Braid shines at night, it functions as a standard hi-vis yellow braid during the daylight. Check back for future offerings in higher breaking strengths. You really just have to try a spool to truly appreciate the revolutionary reflective features of this line in person, because Aurora Braid does night fishing like no other line!